OpenAi Whisper Web Implementation

Ved Gupta

Ved Prakash Gupta / December 05, 2022

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OpenAi Whisper Web Implementation

Gradio Web UI Implementation of Whisper open source model . Whisper is capable to translate and transcribe the human voice

Whisper OpenAi Tool Gradio Web implementation

Whisper is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) system Gradio Web UI Implementation


Install ffmeg on Your Device

  # on Ubuntu or Debian
  sudo apt update
  sudo apt install ffmpeg

  # on MacOS using Homebrew (
  brew install ffmpeg

  # on Windows using Chocolatey (
  choco install ffmpeg

  # on Windows using Scoop (
  scoop install ffmpeg

Download Program

  mkdir whisper-sppech2txt
  cd whisper-sppech2txt
  git clone .
  pip install -r requirements.txt

Run Program


Available models and languages Credit

There are five model sizes, four with English-only versions, offering speed and accuracy tradeoffs. Below are the names of the available models and their approximate memory requirements and relative speed.

SizeParametersEnglish-only modelMultilingual modelRequired VRAMRelative speed
tiny39 Mtiny.entiny~1 GB~32x
base74 Mbase.enbase~1 GB~16x
small244 Msmall.ensmall~2 GB~6x
medium769 Mmedium.enmedium~5 GB~2x
large1550 MN/Alarge~10 GB1x

For English-only applications, the .en models tend to perform better, especially for the tiny.en and base.en models. We observed that the difference becomes less significant for the small.en and medium.en models.



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